The Rose Gold Trend

The Rose Gold Trend

Always remaining in style, rose gold has definitely become a popular trend yet again. The buzz has not only been among jewelry, but also with other everyday accessories including clothes and electronics such as, the iPhone and Beats by Dre. Rose gold is made with the mixture of gold and copper alloy, making it impressively durable and affordable. The color quality of rose gold over time intensifies with age, uniquely different than any other palette. This pinkish hue compliments an entire array of skin tones, making it very versatile. It can also be found blended in with other golds, such as white gold and yellow gold. This is noticeable on rings for example, 18K White and Rose gold twisted Diamond Engagement Ring. Rose Gold is essentially the perfect color to showcase diamonds with.


Le Rose Collection 

This warm shade of pink is a combination of vintage and romance. Therefore, many brides opt in on rose gold metal for their wedding band or engagement ring. Its subtleness makes it a very comforting and soothing color. Its gold tint also hints at luxury. Designers have definitely made use of this fun-loving color in their recently debuted collections. It’s no wonder why the fashion world is in a rose gold craze. While undergoing spring and the summer season slowly approaching in the near future, now is the perfect time to get in on the Rose Gold Trend.

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