The Top 5 Engagement Ring Settings

The Top 5 Engagement Ring Settings

A ring’s setting is an essential detail that can make or break a ring style for you. It’s important to note the differences and to pick out the right setting for you. It can, however, be difficult to distinguish the different styles and see what sets them all apart. To help you decide on the best fitting one for you, we’ve broken down the top 5 most popular ring settings. Let’s take a look at these favorite styles.


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A halo ring setting is one that has smaller side stones placed around the center stone. This means more diamonds! It is currently the most popular type of setting due to how it makes the center stone pop. The surrounding diamonds give off an optical illusion, making the center diamond seem larger than it really is. If you’re a diamond lover who is concerned about size, this may be the best setting for you.


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The prong setting is a very classic and traditional type of ring setting. Most prong settings feature four prongs, holding the center diamond securely in place. Prongs can become loose over time, so it is recommended to have the ring inspected from time to time. A prong setting can also cause snags on clothes if it is set high, which may not be as ideal for those living more of an active lifestyle. A plus for this setting is that there’s minimal presence of metal, causing the center diamond to capture all the attention.


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Bezel settings are another very popular style with its chic and modern look. Unlike the discrete prong setting, a thin metal ring holds the center diamond in place. Bezel settings come in full or partial, with the full having complete enclosure and the partial leaving the sides open.


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The pavé setting comes from the French term meaning “to pave.” Literally meaning paved with diamonds, this setting is also commonly referred to as a bead setting or micro-pavé setting if the beads are especially small. With the diamonds being closely placed together, it adds a continuous array of sparkle, which is a definite plus.


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A channel setting sets smaller side stones in a channel on the band of the ring. This also provides a snag-free design for those who’d like a smoother finish. Extra diamonds means extra sparkle!

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