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Engagement rings and diamond bridal jewelry that are not only a feast for the eyes but also a possession of great delight to have and to hold. The exquisite Natalie K Bridal Collection features a plethora of diamond ring designs from classic to contemporary, created from only the finest quality platinum, gold and diamonds, and lovingly handcrafted by the finest of jewel artists. Natalie K's tasteful creations are revered as one of the most extraordinary and beautiful diamond bridal jewelry for today's bride.

  • bridal sets

    Le Rose

    Le Rosé is a breathtaking collection of rose gold engagement rings which features the natural beauty of glowing rose gold precious metal and blushing pink diamonds.
  • halo engagement rings


    Diamond engagement rings with a delicate halo of diamonds framing the center diamond
  • vintage engagement rings


    Vintage-inspired diamond engagement rings with striking designs from bygone eras
  • princess cut engagement rings


    Unique princess-cut, cushion and radiant center diamonds
  • classic engagement rings


    Classic engagement rings inspired by exquisite traditional designs
  • contemporary engagement rings


    Timeless diamond engagement rings blend modern and traditional elements
  • three stone engagement rings

    Trois diamants

    Intricately designed three stone diamond engagement rings
  • yellow diamond engagement rings

    Le de'sir

    One-of-a-kind fancy yellow diamond engagement rings shine with brilliant white diamonds
  • bridal sets


    Bridal sets ornately designed with diamonds and accompanying wedding band