What is the Real Difference Between Pavé and Micropavé Settings?

What is the Real Difference Between Pavé and Micropavé Settings?

An engagement ring is a symbolic representation of everlasting love that is to be cherished for a lifetime, never losing its glow. While the “perfect” engagement ring is different for every woman, the words used to describe them are the same: brilliant, captivating, and breathtaking. With a row (or rows) of brilliant diamonds set closely together that shine and shimmer with the slightest movement or faintest flicker of light, pavé and micropavé settings can certainly embody the words used to describe the perfect engagement ring. That being said, it is important to understand the differences between pavé and micropavé settings in order to choose the right ring for you.

For a definitively classic and timeless look with a dashing extra touch of shine, a pavé setting is a perfect option. In many pavé designs, a large center diamond is complemented with pavé set diamonds to create an unprecedented level of radiating brilliance. Although not visible, the pavé diamonds are secured with precious metals. This not only holds the diamonds in place, but it creates an illusion of a continuous line of gleaming diamonds.



18K White Gold Elongated Diamond Lined Shank Engagement Ring

A micropavé setting adds a new level of sophistication, giving the ring a diamond-encrusted look. With a micropavé setting, diamonds are not only found on the band, but in addition, are found around a center gem or underneath it. It could be stated that a micropavé setting is created under a microscope. Diamonds extremely small in weight and size are delicately placed by hand on a ring and can require a microscope to achieve precision, hence the term micropavé. Diamonds can also be featured along the band on multiple rows. As spectacular and beautiful as micropavé settings can be, they do require more care and caution than other rings because of the small size and high number of diamonds they showcase. The micropavé ring pictured below is a sight to see, featuring over 60 diamond stones on a single ring! The delicacy of micropavé rings can certainly be frightening for some, but the unparalleled beauty and brilliance of these rings are certainly tempting and may be worth the extra care.


18K White Gold Halo Inspired Diamond Engagement Ring

Despite their subtle differences, both pavé and micropavé settings are undeniably beautiful in the way they accentuate engagement rings with diamonds. The most important thing is to choose the ring that fits best with you and the one which you love the most. While this may take a lot of time and contemplation, it will be worth every time you wear the ring for the rest of your life!

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