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3 Subtly Obvious Ways to Hint @ the Engagement Ring You Want

3 Subtly Obvious Ways to Hint @ the Engagement Ring You Want

Engagement rings and proposals are tricky because, of course, you want the proposal to be a complete surprise but, of course, you want the ring that you want. How do you find a happy medium between the two that doesn’t include you shopping for your own engagement ring with your future fiance? Some women prefer that approach which is great! For others, here are a few tips for leaving subtle, yet obvious clues as to exactly what engagement ring makes your heart sing.

1. Tape a Picture to the Fridge


So simple. So obvious. Slightly devious. What person doesn’t visit their fridge at least once a day? This is especially subtle if you both have a lot of things on your fridge like magnets and pictures. Sneak in a pic of an engagement ring you’ve printed out from online or cut out of a magazine.

2. Tag Them Online


Feeling a little pink today. How about you? #NKrings #nataliek #rosegold #engagementring #diamonds #pinkdiamond #bridal

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Ahh the beauty of the digital age. See an engagement ring you love on Facebook, Twitter, or IG? Tag your sweetheart and call it a day!

3. Wear A Ring Similar to the One You Want


Sometimes you have to just put it all out there. If you just so happen to see a sterling silver copy of the ring you want or something similar, buy it, wear it and make sure he notices. One of the girls here in our office did that and she said he definitely got the hint. So why not give it a shot?

How did you make sure your fiancè got the ring you wanted? Any clever tricks and tips to share? Let us know in the comments!

How To Buy a Natalie K Engagement Ring

How To Buy a Natalie K Engagement Ring

how to buy a Natalie K engagement ring
Kassab Jewelers in Portland, OR

Purchasing an engagement ring is not only a financial investment but an emotional one as well. We know a lot of time and consideration go into finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, the same should be true of your ring search. It’s a personal and intimate choice you, and perhaps your partner want to make together. We know just how important it is to find an engagement ring that means a lifetime of love to you.

We know just how important it is to find an engagement ring that means a lifetime of love to you.

But with so many choices and styles it can be a little overwhelming. Don’t fret, that’s why we’re here. We want you to be brilliantly happy when you find the one, by helping to make your ring purchase special and painless. While we have a website that gives detailed information on many of our styles and options we are not a retailer. Our designer brand is carried across the U.S. and the world at trusted and expert jewelry stores which are open and waiting for you.

If you’ve browsed our site, scrolled through our Facebook or Instagram feed maybe you’ve already found a ring you love! Your first step is to take note of the style number, which looks a lot like this: NK12345-18W. If the style number isn’t listed with your image feel free to email us with the image at or give us a call at 1.800.688.6101 and we can help. But keep in mind we do not provide prices.

Johnson Jewelers in El Paso, TX
Johnson Jewelers in El Paso, TX

For prices or estimates you’ll need to find the store nearest you. Our site offers a store locator to make that step easier, simply type in your city, state or zip code and click submit! Pictures are one thing but finding the ring of your dreams and seeing it sparkle in your hand is incomparable. That’s only one of the many benefits of walking into a store yourself.

Online dealers tend to imply that brick and mortar stores present some kind of challenge. As if you’re only allowed to go in as an expert with an exact idea of what to purchase, but that’s not the case. We’re not all experts, we don’t expect for anyone to enter knowing exactly what they want. Take the time to browse and take advantage of a jeweler’s expertise.  Ask questions, and let your imagination run wild, because being in touch with a jewelry store also allows you to customize your ring. From black gold to rose gold, diamonds to sapphires, just go in with an open mind and open heart.


Don’t forget they’re there to help you. At the moment of purchase and in the future. Having them nearby is a great way to check in from time to time for cleanings, fittings and even repairs if necessary.

Take the time and you’ll find the ring you’ve been looking for.

5 Secret Ways To Figure Out Her Ring Size

5 Secret Ways To Figure Out Her Ring Size

This week we’re shaking things up a bit! Our Fashion Friday Trend Reports are all about introducing details, options and tidbits of information that can help you choose the perfect ring, but we were recently asked a question on our twitter that made us realize we hadn’t covered all the bases!

Say you’ve found the perfect ring, it calls your name, but you have no idea her ring size!? You want to make it a grand surprise proposal, but it won’t end well if the ring doesn’t fit. Let’s go through a few good, stealthy ways to figure out her ring size. Tip #1, your jeweler is your friend!

  1. Trace a Line Take a look in her jewelry box, does she have a ring she’s fond already fond of that she wears on that special finger (either, right or left, hand is just fine). Sneak in a pen and paper and trace the inside of the ring! Take it into the jeweler and voila!
  2. Soap?! If you’re worried you might not get the perfect outline try making a quick impression in a bar of soap. This will give a pretty accurate read when compared with a ring sizer!
  3. Use a Candlestick Less likely to find around the house, but easy to get your hands on is a tapered candle stick. Take the ring, slide it down and make a gentle impression or mark where the ring falls comfortably! Tada! Make shift mandrel*!
  4. “Borrow” a Ring Want to get a more accurate measurement, try swiping one of her rings for the day to take to your jewelers. Of course it’ll have to be a least favorite, one she won’t notice, otherwise the jig is up and you’ll have some explaining to do!
  5. Enlist a Partner If you can’t get a moment alone with her treasure chest, go it the easy route. Ask around, her mom, sister, father, best friend, cousin twice removed! Anyone she’s close with whose done a shopping trip with her or bought her jewelry might already have the inside scoop. If not, maybe take up a partner in crime and have someone do a quick shopping trip.

If all else fails, take a guess! Most jewelers carry a stock size somewhere between 6.5 and 7, your jeweler can almost always resize the ring post proposal. But if you’re in doubt, size up! You’ll be able to slip the ring on her finger for the perfect proposal picture (remember guys get a photographer) and have it sized down later.

Find the perfect Ring on and see it at your local jeweler!

* A tapered metal tool used to determine rings sizes, you can see one in the image above.

Trend Report: Mixed Metals

Trend Report: Mixed Metals

right to left: NK28687PK-18WR, NK24370FY-WY, NK28669PK-18WR

This is our third segment on our trend report, helping you decide what works best for you with engagement ring details and ideas that can be ideal for your style. We’ve reviewed the benefits and beauty of diamond halos as well as the sweet and delicate gleam of rose gold. This week we’ll be discussing the latest trend: mixed metals. Creating new and multifaceted designs, mixed metals are unique and intriguing. From vintage with flourishing details to minimally chic, modern designs, combined metals will be sure to be create a statement piece.

For a long time mixed metals have been viewed as a fashion faux paus, but for the modern, stylish and adventurous bride that no longer holds true. Mixing metals has become a way to create interest. While a one toned metal ring does still have a classic appeal, mixed metal adds just a touch of distinctiveness.The way to do it! Because Natalie K’s skilled designers have taken the time to design and craft each ring with the utmost style there’s no need to worry that the proportions or balance is off. When mixing metals the ratio most stick with is 75% to 25% keeping one metal tone dominate over the other. In NK28669PK-18WR the dominant metal is white gold, with rose gold bringing the diamond halo to life and dripping delicately into the gallery. This gives just enough emphasis to the center mounting but doesn’t overwhelm the entire piece.Another great advantage to mixed metals is that it will allow the wearer to wear the accessories they want, not just the ones that “match.” NK24370FY-WY is a lovely piece which features a yellow diamond center. To enhance the yellow center NK designers set it in yellow gold. The play between yellow and white gold is exquisite and conveys luxury. It also means that you’re not limited to wearing nothing but white gold or yellow gold. When mixing metals stylists suggest choosing a “blending” piece that is, a piece that already has multi-metals to tie in with the rest of your accessories. This way the rest of your look looks complete and polished, not muddled.As with the two previous rings, you can see that mixed metals also open up the option to add a colored stone. Why stop at just mixing metals. Check in next week when we discuss adding a touch of color to your diamonds and side stones!

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A Ceremony to Honor Your Service

A Ceremony to Honor Your Service

Source: Pinterest

With Memorial Day coming up next week, that sober holiday that helps us to honor and remember our fallen soldiers, we wanted to write a post for those ladies out there in the service or who are marrying a man in uniform. Military ceremonies are a wonderful way to celebrate a life-long commitment to one another as well as a way to honor your service or the man in service of your life.

Let’s take a look at some planning basics that should be considered before you begin your wedding day planning

Where to say I Do:

  • Military Chapel*
  • Military Academy
  • Church or other place of worship

*There are many chapel options, often representing different faiths including Jewish, Protestant and Catholic. 

You’re saying I Do in a Military Chapel, consult your Chaplain about:

  • premarital counseling
  • appropriate attire
  • decorations and flowers
  • Remember, a Military Chaplain will be conducting the ceremony, but if you’d like to include a civilian clergyperson that can be arranged. You should always ask first to see if it’s an option.


  • While the Military Chapel is likely not to charge for use of the Chapel or Venue, it is polite and suggested to make a donation for their services.
  • Flowers should not be worn on uniform, but their military decorations can be worn in their place. Though brides in uniform may carry a bouquet

Now that you’ve decided on a military wedding don’t forget all of the wonderful traditions you’ll get to experience as a part of the Military family: the celebratory arch of sabers, the cutting of the cake with your or your new husband’s sword and the playing of your branch of service’s theme at your reception.

For more information of Military Weddings: The Knot and Truly Engaging