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5 Secret Ways To Figure Out Her Ring Size

5 Secret Ways To Figure Out Her Ring Size

This week we’re shaking things up a bit! Our Fashion Friday Trend Reports are all about introducing details, options and tidbits of information that can help you choose the perfect ring, but we were recently asked a question on our twitter that made us realize we hadn’t covered all the bases!

Say you’ve found the perfect ring, it calls your name, but you have no idea her ring size!? You want to make it a grand surprise proposal, but it won’t end well if the ring doesn’t fit. Let’s go through a few good, stealthy ways to figure out her ring size. Tip #1, your jeweler is your friend!

  1. Trace a Line Take a look in her jewelry box, does she have a ring she’s fond already fond of that she wears on that special finger (either, right or left, hand is just fine). Sneak in a pen and paper and trace the inside of the ring! Take it into the jeweler and voila!
  2. Soap?! If you’re worried you might not get the perfect outline try making a quick impression in a bar of soap. This will give a pretty accurate read when compared with a ring sizer!
  3. Use a Candlestick Less likely to find around the house, but easy to get your hands on is a tapered candle stick. Take the ring, slide it down and make a gentle impression or mark where the ring falls comfortably! Tada! Make shift mandrel*!
  4. “Borrow” a Ring Want to get a more accurate measurement, try swiping one of her rings for the day to take to your jewelers. Of course it’ll have to be a least favorite, one she won’t notice, otherwise the jig is up and you’ll have some explaining to do!
  5. Enlist a Partner If you can’t get a moment alone with her treasure chest, go it the easy route. Ask around, her mom, sister, father, best friend, cousin twice removed! Anyone she’s close with whose done a shopping trip with her or bought her jewelry might already have the inside scoop. If not, maybe take up a partner in crime and have someone do a quick shopping trip.

If all else fails, take a guess! Most jewelers carry a stock size somewhere between 6.5 and 7, your jeweler can almost always resize the ring post proposal. But if you’re in doubt, size up! You’ll be able to slip the ring on her finger for the perfect proposal picture (remember guys get a photographer) and have it sized down later.

Find the perfect Ring on and see it at your local jeweler!

* A tapered metal tool used to determine rings sizes, you can see one in the image above.

Trend Report: Unique Shanks

Trend Report: Unique Shanks

unique shanks
NK26232-W , NK25362ENG-W , NK28520-18W

Engagement rings are not only a sparkling trinket, they are an expression of love and a piece of your personal history, as such they should be as unique as the story they tell. There’s no such thing as a cookie cutter bride, so why should you settle for a cookie cutter ring. Find a ring that has more to offer than sparkle. We want you to find a ring that speaks to you and of you. This week’s featured rings are just a bit out of the ordinary, but with Natalie K’s signature sophistication. It’s their one of a kind shank designs that set them apart from the rest of the crowd.

Split shanks are a great way to add interest instantly to any diamond engagement ring. But don’t for a moment think there’s any reason for you to have to stick with the traditional parallel split shank. NK28520-18W, offers a very modern split shank, mimicking the curves of the diamond halo and round center. The split shank looks like a single bent strand of diamonds, creating a visual illusion making it appear as if the center is floating in its halo between both points.

Add even more intrigue with a spiraling shank. NK25362-18W has a diamond shank that stands out, softly twisting and curling inward towards the prong mounting, giving the center an appearance of a windswept diamond. Our rings, being customizable, can be adjusted to feature any diamond center stone. Just imagine what kind of an impact a princess cut diamond could make surrounded by the 45 diamonds on this 18k white gold mounting.

If however, you’re looking for something less subtle NK26232-W is the right engagement ring for you. The spiraling shank with twists and turns, in NK26232-W, transforms into a spiraling halo, glistening with 53 diamonds and making the center the center of attention.

With so many choices in engagement ring designs there’s no reason to find anything less than extraordinary.

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Trend Report: Sometimes Less is More

Trend Report: Sometimes Less is More


Glitz and glamor are always in style, but sometimes less is more! Understated engagement rings with a classic design and just the right arrangement of flawless diamonds can be the pinnacle of elegance. This week’s Fashion Friday Trend Report is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of diamond engagement rings whose sophistication come from their simplicity.


NK26632-18W is one such ring with a simple design that exudes effortless charm. You can have the feel of a vintage inspired ring without the overwhelming spirals and clutter. The center mounting is flanked by two bright white diamonds on either side, to frame it, perfectly while the rest of the band is a polished white gold. One detail adds just the right touch of whimsy, an neat scroll work gallery makes this ring interesting, not gaudy!

Engagement rings with simple bands are the perfect match for someone who works with their hands. Convenient and snag resistant. But don’t take simple to mean unglamorous! You can still get the full impact of a luxury diamond ring with fewer diamonds. NK24154-18W is perfect, its single diamond halo surrounds the center mounting and makes it stand out. The band, with a knife’s edge, still has some intrigue but won’t interfere or clash with the glowing diamond halo.

Sometimes, less is more.

Trend Report: Split Shank Engagement Rings

Trend Report: Split Shank Engagement Rings

#FF split shankEvery week we try and help make buying your engagement ring, just a little bit easier. We’ve shared the meaning of a three stone engagement ring and the warm glow of our rose gold collection, this week’s #FashionFriday trend report is all about split shank engagement rings!

A split shank is a design element of the engagement ring’s band. Rather than a sleek or single band the split shank, is as it implies, a split band. For larger center stones or heavier center mountings the double bands can also help to support the weight. While the most popular split shank style is wide at the top and then tapers at the ends like NK28085-18W, there are countless variations you can find.

See NK26156-W, a split shank engagement ring as well but with a completely different look. Instead of the tapering down of the band this appears as two parallel bands. A much more modern silhouette, and appearance.

A favorite is a split shank with an additional sparkling characteristic, a nestled side stone diamond set between both arms. NK23466-W is an example of this unique element. Pave set diamonds shine along both arms leading up to the four prong head and two prong set round cut diamonds.

Explore all of our collections and a find a split shank engagement ring in any style to suit yours!

Trend Report: Marquise Engagement Rings

Trend Report: Marquise Engagement Rings


We know how important it is to find an engagement ring uniquely your own which is why share our Fashion Friday trend reports once a week for choices you may have missed! This week is the marquise cut center stone, a distinctive diamond cut you can find in the Belle Collection.

The marquise cut diamond is quite the statement piece, for the woman who never shies away from bold choices. A marquise diamond is unique in that it is cut as an elongated oval with pointed ends which help to elongate the line of the hand and give the fingers a delicate and dainty look. Another added quality that makes a marquise cut stone more appealing is that while you may select a diamond center at a smaller carat size the cut makes the diamond appear larger.

Not to be mistaken with the dated and gaudy marquise engagement rings from the eighties a marquise cut center stone can look exquisite when set in an elegant and understated mounting. NK20170-W is the perfect example of a marquise engagement ring with refined sophistication. The band sparkles with nine diamonds on either side of a diamond halo crafted to perfectly hug to the edges of the uniquely shaped center.

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