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She is He and He is She: John Lennon and Yoko Ono

She is He and He is She: John Lennon and Yoko Ono

yoko john
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One of the most famously infamous couples that have braved the backlash of an audience and the consequences of uniting themselves with one another is the legend John Lennon and the thunderous Yoko Ono. Though famed for having been the woman to break up the Beatles, John Lennon’s adoring words prove otherwise. Having already achieved a supreme success as one of the four founders of the tidal wave that was Beatlemania, John Lennon was not only a living legend but an idol. The Beatles had been a tight knit musical powerhouse, creating album after album of unforgettable material and not only living through changing trends in music and fashion but setting the precedent for others to follow. But in 1966 that small world which had nurtured, as well as stagnated, John’s growth and artistic exploration was about to explode.

yoko lennon
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It was in 1966, at an avant-garde exhibit in London’s Indica Gallery that the two met. Yoko Ono, a dark haired beauty in her own right, was the exhibiting artist, and John Lennon the little amused rock star patron of the arts. Scattered everyday objects filled the room, and one particular plank of wood with an attached hammer and bunch of nails caught Lennon’s attention. He asked Yoko if he could hammer a nail, the initial answer was “No.” In the 1980 interview with Playboy Lennon said, “So there was this little conference and she finally said, ‘Okay, you can hammer a nail in for five shillings [60 cents].’ So smart-ass here says, ‘Well, I’ll give you an imaginary five shillings and hammer an imaginary nail in.’ And that’s when we really met. That’s when we locked eyes, and she got it and I got it, and that was it.”

That’s singular interchange was the perfect representation of the relationship that would ensue. The two were a perfect intellectual match. John Lennon had been married to his first wife, Cynthia Lennon, but by the time he and Yoko met the marriage had already reached a dead end, neither party fully satisfied, Cynthia compromising herself for Lennon’s success and Lennon unable to meet Cynthia on the same plane. In her book A Twist of Lennon Cynthia said “I understood their love. I knew I couldn’t fight the unity of mind and body that they had with each other.” Cythia granted him a divorce and on March 20, 1969, he and Yoko Ono were married, becoming Mr and Mrs. Ono Lennon. The wedding was followed by a week-long honeymoon, turned protest, in Amsterdam, referred to as the “Bed In.”

Yoko Ono John Lennon Wed Day
Source: Life Magazine
On their wedding day, March 20, 1969

The two were a radiant force of art, music and peace. Obsessively enamored with one another, the two spent every waking moment together; having waited for his soul-mate for so long Lennon had little desire to spend any time apart. Unfortunately the Fab-Four, who had enjoyed secluded and singular music making sessions were put off by the sudden intrusion of an outside force. A woman who refused to be quelled by anyone wouldn’t allow herself to become a Mrs. Lennon. Her and Lennon’s collaborations began to supersede any other work. While many blame the famed union as the driver for the digression from The Beatles it was in fact a relief for Lennon and an opportunity to explore his own musings and imaginations, most notable in the hauntingly poetic lyrics of The White Album, including “Glass Onion” and Let it Be’s “Across the Universe.”

“Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup
They slither wildly as they slip away across the universe.
Pools of sorrow waves of joy
Are drifting through my opened mind
Possessing and caressing me.”

Lennon who had began to deviate in style and form from the rest of the group finally released his first ‘solo’ album John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band; Later followed by his most important and successful post-Beatles project, Imagine.

The controversial couple, while attracting negative attention from every avenue, media, fans, family and friends had finally discovered a love worth leaving the rest of the world behind. Against the odds and to the chagrin of others they lived and loved together until 1980, the year of his tragic assassination. Yoko still honors his memory with the Lennon Ono Grant for Peace inaugurated in 2002 and the couple has become not a footnote but a chapter in the history of pop-culture.

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A Wedding Band to Match Him in Endurance and Strength

A Wedding Band to Match Him in Endurance and Strength


For him from the Beau Collection, NK13847-W, is a stunning wedding band which will match him in endurance and strength. The brushed 14K white gold brings a robust appeal and minute detail to the band which suggests a simple elegance. The finely engraved grooves which line the outside of the band create a smart and striking pattern. And an added touch of sophistication is afforded by six bezel-set diamonds which round the band. Help the man of your life choose a wedding band which will not only be a reminder of the love you have for him but of the strength and balance he inspires in you.

Bogie and Baby: Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

Bogie and Baby: Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

bogie and  bacall
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Promotional shoot for their debut film together ‘To Have and Have Not’

“You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve? You just put your lips together and… blow.” From the moment you watched a young and sultry Lauren Bacall wistfully utter those words to the rugged Humphrey Bogart you knew that their love affair would last far beyond the end title and that “Bogie and Baby” would become synonymous with true love.

The young Lauren Bacall, then still known by her first name Betty, was a statuesque beauty, with an alluring innocence and a sweet sultry voice. But in 1943 her career had yet to springboard into the success which it would become. It was director Howard Hawke’s wife who noticed the gorgeous young woman, staring out from the glossed cover. It was one look at the cover of the latest issue of Harper’s Bizarre which led to her first featured role alongside one of Hollywood’s most recognizable actors, Humphrey Bogart.

Bogie and Bacall
Source: ThisIsGalmorous
Cutting their wedding cake on May 21, 1945.

Humphrey Bogart, at the age of 44, had by that time already reached a phenomenal success. He was cast to play opposite Lauren in 1944’s, To Have and Have Not, which Lauren was not too enthused by. Not immediately drawn to the rough and grizzled Humphrey Bogart Ms. Bacall was hesitant and none to impressed. But Humphrey must have already known, “I just saw your test,” he said. “We’ll have a lot of fun together.” At the tender age of 19 Lauren had little experience with film and even less with romance gradually, working side by side in their first film the two fell hopelessly in love with one another.

There was however one hurdle they would have to overcome. At the time Bogart was trapped in a loveless and an infamously hostile relationship with his notoriously alcoholic wife, actress Mayo Methot. The loyalty to his, albeit estranged, wife left Bogart suffering tremendous guilt and that same loyalty tore at Humphrey’s desire to dedicate his life to his new love.

Fortunately, Bogart escaped the torture of his previous marriage and began his new life with Lauren on May 21, 1946. The two were married on a picturesque farm in Pleasant Valley, in Richmond County Ohio. The two were inseparable and intoxicated with love for one another. There are no words to describe the kind of chemistry the two exhibited in real life. While they fell in love before our eyes over the course of multiple films including, 1946’s The Big Sleep and 1948’s Key Largo, the onscreen action couldn’t hold a shadow to their real life adoration for one another.

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Congrat’s Mr. & Mrs.Cutler! See Kristin Cavallari’s Stunning Eternity Band

Congrat’s Mr. & Mrs.Cutler! See Kristin Cavallari’s Stunning Eternity Band

Source: Kristin Cavallari via Instagram

Congratulations to Kristin Cavallari! Oh, excuse us, “Officially Kristin Elizabeth Cutler!!!!!” as she tweeted ecstatically Friday morning. The Hills’ star tied the knot this past Friday (June 7th) to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. The couple, made their marriage official Friday but held a quiet ceremony at the Woodmont Christian Church, a quaint traditional venue with an impressive towering steeple, Saturday afternoon.

While her walk down the aisle was kept private we were all able to get a peek at the couples stunning wedding bands! Mrs. Cutler shared a picture of the newlywed’s wedding bands via instagram. Mr. Cutler’s wedding band was a robust black band which made Kristin’s sparkling infinity band look all the more delicate. The contrast is so befitting the rugged professional football player and dainty aspiring designer.


The I’nfini Collection from Natalie K is the perfect place to start your search for your wedding ring if a diamond infinity band is what you have your heart set on. For a look like Mrs. Cutler’s, XP28914-18W is ideal. The twenty-two ideal cut square diamonds, which reveal a hearts and arrows pattern, are cut to reflect the most light and give off the most sparkle. The eternity band gets its namesake from the unbroken ring of diamonds which encircle your finger and is the perfect token for a love that will last forever! We hope the wedding band choice bring Mr. and Mrs. Culter a lifetime of marital bliss! Congrats again!

To learn more about the ideal cut square diamond click here and for more on the wedding read on at US Weekly.

A Ceremony to Honor Your Service

A Ceremony to Honor Your Service

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With Memorial Day coming up next week, that sober holiday that helps us to honor and remember our fallen soldiers, we wanted to write a post for those ladies out there in the service or who are marrying a man in uniform. Military ceremonies are a wonderful way to celebrate a life-long commitment to one another as well as a way to honor your service or the man in service of your life.

Let’s take a look at some planning basics that should be considered before you begin your wedding day planning

Where to say I Do:

  • Military Chapel*
  • Military Academy
  • Church or other place of worship

*There are many chapel options, often representing different faiths including Jewish, Protestant and Catholic. 

You’re saying I Do in a Military Chapel, consult your Chaplain about:

  • premarital counseling
  • appropriate attire
  • decorations and flowers
  • Remember, a Military Chaplain will be conducting the ceremony, but if you’d like to include a civilian clergyperson that can be arranged. You should always ask first to see if it’s an option.


  • While the Military Chapel is likely not to charge for use of the Chapel or Venue, it is polite and suggested to make a donation for their services.
  • Flowers should not be worn on uniform, but their military decorations can be worn in their place. Though brides in uniform may carry a bouquet

Now that you’ve decided on a military wedding don’t forget all of the wonderful traditions you’ll get to experience as a part of the Military family: the celebratory arch of sabers, the cutting of the cake with your or your new husband’s sword and the playing of your branch of service’s theme at your reception.

For more information of Military Weddings: The Knot and Truly Engaging