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Attention ADHD Sufferers – Is There Really a Best ADHD Treatment?

Attention ADHD Sufferers – Is There Really a Best ADHD Treatment?

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a biological condition of the brain involving the neurotransmitters (brain messengers) dopamine, norepinephrine, and perhaps serotonin with a genetic backdrop. It impacts as many as one out of four school-aged children and at least one in twenty adults. It is estimated that most classrooms have at least two students who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, providing extra challenges for the educators involved and pulling resources away from the other children who may need extra help. So it is no surprise that finding the best ADHD treatment is on the list of so many parents of ADHD children and teachers alike.

In ones quest to find the best ADHD treatment or there are many numbers of questions that must be answered. Once answers are found the results must be weighed with the potential benefits. For example, the most often prescribed prescription medications for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in both children and adults are stimulants such as Ritalin, Adderall, Dexedrine, Provigil, and Cylert. They have been shown to improve ADHD symptoms about eighty percent of the time but the list of side effects include tics, insomnia, restlessness, nervousness, headaches, stomach upset, irritability, mood swings, depression, dizziness, and a racing heartbeat. Most doctors are animated in their belief that stimulants are the best ADHD treatment and point to the fact that fewer than ten percent of those taking these medications suffer any side effects whatsoever.

Psychologists, on the other hand, are not as convinced throwing much of their weight behind behavioral therapies such as cognitive behavioral counseling. Pointing to a recent study comparing stimulants and CBT that found CBT to be as effective in treating symptoms while producing longer lasting results. So for many psychologists and psychotherapists, behavior modification therapy is considered to be the best ADHD treatment.

At first, I thought that the medicine did not affect me. But attending physician explained that its effect comes only after a few days of treatment. Zoloft is easily tolerated by the body and is not intended for severe psychological disorders. Those, it is just the right thing for me.

The third group throwing their hat behind a treatment option are those in the field of natural health who as somewhat spit as to what actually is the best ADHD treatment. Instead, they advocate a plan which includes homeopathic and/or herbal remedies, diet modification, proper nutrition, along with lifestyle adjustment techniques. In evaluating this alternative it is important to remember that the number one rule in the naturopathic oath is to do no harm.

In summary, whether it is stimulant medications, behavioral therapy, or natural remedies for ADHD what we do know is that that certain combination of the above therapies tends to improve overall results. For example, when behavioral therapy is combined with either stimulant medications or homeopathy the overall results climb about ten percent. In conclusion, the best treatment for ADHD is not a single treatment option but finding the proper combination of treatment options that work best for you or your child’s particular situation without producing the unpleasant side effects so often associated with prescription medications.

The Knot’s Dream Wedding, Natalie K for Forevermark®

The Knot’s Dream Wedding, Natalie K for Forevermark®

For those of you who were enthralled in all the drama and magic that was The Knot’s Dream Wedding, you’ve already seen the incredible outcome. For those of you who may have not, you’re in for a treat. One deserving couple was chosen to be gifted a Dream Wedding, everything from the gown to the venue would be paid for and styled to perfection. The one catch?! Every detail would be selected by The Knot’s vast, and quite stylish, fan base.

Meet Rebekah Gregory and Pete DiMartino, a stunning couple who were unfortunately touched by the traumatic events which occurred at the 2013 Boston Marathon. They’re lives and health were affected, but their love grew ever stronger. We followed their story closely and fell in love with them as well. Over the course of a few months, the venue was picked (The Biltmore estate, in Asheville, NC), the wedding dress was chosen (a stunning fit and flare Sophia Moncelli) and the details came together with the help of celebrity planner Marcy Blum.

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Christina Aguilera’s Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring

Christina Aguilera’s Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring

We’ve been ecstatic since we first caught a glimpse of Christina Aguilera’s engagement ring on Valentine’s Day earlier this year, so gorgeous and so unique. We love the risk that her husband to be, Matt Rutler, took in choosing a ring for an equally unequaled songstress and vocalist. But since then we’ve hardly had an opportunity to get a closer look, until now. Glamour Magazine shared a great close up of the extraordinary, vintage inspired, engagement ring stunner. Take a look and see what we’ve got!

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A Classic Engagement Ring from the Renaissance Collection

A Classic Engagement Ring from the Renaissance Collection

NK13889-W Profile
NK13889-W Profile

There is no commitment greater nor stronger than that of true love. When you have found the one person you want to take that monumental step with, you know. In the time of the Renaissance when marriages were arranged for political and practical reasons, the notion of marrying someone purely because you love them was revolutionary. It is with that notion that the Renaissance Collection was created and NK26640-W, this classic engagement ring, was designed.

The most monumental moment in your life together needs a ring to match, make it Natalie K.

NK26640-W is the ideal engagement ring to define all of the aspects we hoped to inspire the Renaissance Collection with. It’s a timeless and decadent style that shimmers, crafted with 14k white gold and sparkling with 40 round cut white diamonds. Your diamond center will dazzle in the prong setting, allowing light to filter through every possible facet. Even more light is reflected by prong set diamond side stones that flank either side of the sparkling center. But the crowning center is only further enhanced by the unique split shank band and the scroll-work profile. With delicate curves and curls the profile adds just the right amount of romance and vintage elegance. This is the kind of style that endures, and will impress and dazzle from the moment you say “Yes!” through your 50th wedding anniversary and beyond.

How to Find a Ring That Suits Your Hand Shape

How to Find a Ring That Suits Your Hand Shape

Choosing an engagement ring can be a fun and exciting experience but it can also be a little daunting. We’re here to take the guess work out of it and make sure you make a happy confident choice! We have weekly posts that help you explore all your design options but this week is especially tailored to help you find a ring that’s both beautiful AND flattering! Read these guidelines and learn how to find a ring that suits your hand shape.

Short Fingers

With short fingers the objective is to elongate the line of the hand. Avoid any band that might be too thick or a center that’s very square or round. The best choices to make for short fingers are longer line diamond centers. Marquise, pear shaped or oval shaped centers can be amazing in terms of creating a longer more graceful finger line.

FM30840-18W, a narrower shank and long marquise diamond elongates the finger.

Long Fingers

Long and slender fingers tend to be the most accommodating when it comes to engagement ring styles, being able to carry many different styles well. That said, it’s important to keep in mind that while you can wear bold styles it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to. Choose a style that complements your personal style. A good note to take is that princess cuts and rounds do look particularly flattering.

NK28085-18W, with a princess cut center and split shank accentuates a long finger well.

Wide/Large Fingers

The important thing here is to avoid rings which could appear too dainty. A very thin band or demure center mounting might make the fingers appear even wider than they are. The best thing to try would be a split shank band, by breaking up the shank and widening the band of the ring it can help break up the finger itself. OR a larger stone, surrounded by a cluster or diamonds like a halo can also help to balance out the width.

NK17707-W, a wide band with a split shank helps to break up wider fingers.

Large Knuckles

The lovely thing about rings is that it draws the attention away from the knuckles. Choosing a style with a more prominent or ornate style can help guide the eye to the engagement ring itself. If you choose a ring with a thicker, heavier, shank it will by comparison help diminish the appearance of your knuckles.

Small Hands/Large Hands

Proportion is key in any selection you make. Think small hands smaller rings, larger hands larger rings. With smaller hands it’s best to keep the details and elements minor. With larger hands a bolder or chunkier look is appropriate and won’t run the risk of being too overwhelming.

NK25875-18W perfect for larger hands. NK26251-18W ideal for petite hands.