A Unique Take on the Split Shank Engagement Ring

A Unique Take on the Split Shank Engagement Ring

IRL_NK25792_NK Unique Ring

You’re not the average woman, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take, not a step, but a grand leap outside of the box. The Belle Collection was designed for you. Choose a unique ring that is as much a reflection of yourself as it is of the life-long commitment you’re making.

NK25792-W is a fabulous design with subtly unique design elements. Unique doesn’t always mean loud, and NK25792-W proves it. Two delicate rows of diamonds stretch across the band, from one end to the next. Nestled between both rows not only do you find the stunning four prong setting, which cradles your diamond center of choice, but another row of larger diamonds. This row is a marvel to look at. Diamonds, separated by single prongs, create a glistening bar of translucent brilliance, with 62 diamonds overall, a total of 1/2 ct.

The split shank design adds support to your diamond setting as well as giving the unique ring a light and weightless feel without compromising on the glamor.

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