3 Reasons to Choose Platinum Jewelry

3 Reasons to Choose Platinum Jewelry

We’re thrilled to introduce the Natalie K Platinum Collection. We’ve always had the option to order rings in platinum but these pieces are just ours and our customers absolute faves. Platinum has become more and more of a popular choice of metal for brides and grooms lately. What exactly makes this metal so special? There’s a number of platinum facts that make it a top choice metal in bridal right now.

1. Rarity

First and foremost is the absolute rarity of it. Platinum is one of the rarest precious metals in the world. It’s 30x more rare than gold. The rarity of this metal makes the jewelry made with it that much more of an extraordinary treasure.

2. Look

The look and strength of platinum is another factor that makes it extremely desirable. You might assume that since platinum and white gold are both white they look the same but this is not the case. While white gold is stunning by itself, platinum, due to its unique chemical composition, has a silky, shiny and shimmery look that is absolutely unrivaled. These differences can be seen in person. Be sure to use our Store Locator to find a Natalie K jeweler near you who can show you the difference.

3. Low-Maintenance

Another great factor of platinum is how low-maintenance it is. While other metals tarnish over time, platinum will remain the same as the first say you bought it for decades. The only cleaning platinum jewelry ever needs is steam cleaning, if it ever needs it. You could go decades without ever having it cleaned.

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